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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Focus on the Family has been compromised, and this job posting is evidence. Corporate America has brainwashed the organization and forced it to use corporatespeak as its only form of communication. I am pleased to report that this job posting has met its assigned quota for the following buzzwords:

  • diversified ("diverse" is preferred, but they're just learning)
  • strategic (now they're rolling)
  • tactical
  • key
  • resources
  • implement and implementation
  • initiatives
  • in-depth
  • impact
  • utilize
  • effective
  • maintain (four times in one paragraph)
  • "Self-motivated Team player" (extra credit)
  • solution-oriented and solutions
On the other hand, I have zero idea what the person who fills this position will actually do. I am grateful that it will not be me.

In my opinion, Focus on the Family itself cannot qualify for employment in this job. The job description specifically requires the following: "Excellent decision-making skills, tactful, diplomatic, builds consensus rather than emphasizes differences, ability to see the big picture (end-to-end) as well as the little picture (details). Strong analytical ability based on logical thought processes. Strategic, solution-oriented thinking capabilities. Ability to systematically and creatively approach problem solving, using logical, rational thinking, and discernment."

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