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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Preds back in action

The Preds (4-3-1) are back in action tonight hosting the San Jose Sharks (7-3) , and I'm pondering the following questions as they prepare to take the ice:

  1. What will matter more: the Preds' five-day break since losing to Vancouver on Saturday, or the Sharks' loss to the Red Wings last night?
  2. Which team will give up more shots tonight? The Preds (46) or the Sharks (39), who both were heavily outshot in their last contests.
  3. How will the Preds matchup with the Sharks now that the Preds have added some size at forward (Arnott, Dumont and Vasicek, the last of whom is likely out for tonight)?
We'll see in a few hours. This one should make for a good game. Go Preds!!

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