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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Titan fan loyalty

Josh Tinley makes a good point about the recent report ranking the Titans poorly for fan loyalty (28th out of 32 NFL teams): The team's first season in Tennessee, when home games were played in Memphis, drags down the attendance numbers that drive the loyalty scale considerably.

I'm not sure he's completely right, though. Fan support for the Titans has been high for most of the team's time in Nashville, but I think it's been pretty low the past couple of seasons. I would be curious to see an assessment of actual attendance instead of paid attendance. What I'm getting at is: Are the fans actually going to the games while the team is losing? I''m thinking that some of those sellouts actually include a decent number of empty seats.

One thing is for sure, if you ask me: Titans fans, including myself, were spoiled from the start by the team's performance. Landing in the Super Bowl in the team's first season in the Coliseum and posting double-digit win totals for several years will do that. Now we're learning how to deal with the lean times, too.

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