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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Better Bond Than Connery??

Will Daniel Craig be the best Bond since Sean Connery? I think maybe he will, and I'm not alone. Some in the media have even gone as far as saying Craig is the best Bond ever now that the film has opened. I think that's bold, and I'm not about to make that claim without having even seen Casino Royale myself. I do like what I have seen of the film via previews, but it will take one heck of a performance to eclipse Connery's long shadow in the franchise.

Can he ever top Connery? That may be the challenge, as this story pointed out:

[N]o matter how good Craig might prove to be in the role, he may never be able to surpass Connery’s defining performance in many fans’ eyes. 'From all the reviews, I think [Craig] will be the best Bond since Connery,' [said one fan.] 'But Craig is interpreting a character that was formed by Connery. All the others have had to follow that template, and whoever follows Craig will have to as well.”

Nonetheless, I am thrilled that Casino Royale's debut is finally here. Will anyone dare say it is the “Best Bond Since Goldfinger,” the Bond against which all Bond films are compared? (I personally prefer Thunderball and From Russia With Love.) Some have already said, as expected, that Royale is the best since Goldeneye, but tracing back all the way to 1964 for what many consider the signature 007 movie is a longer distance to travel. We'll see soon. I'll post my personal review on Saturday.

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