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Friday, November 10, 2006

Galactica: A Measure of Salvation

What's in store on Battlestar Galactica tonight? As usual, I've done my best to avoid anything more than the teaser description, but I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. I'm happy to have the Colonials off of New Caprica and back out in space, and I am enjoying seeing the new storyline gradually unveil.

I hesitated before posting the photo (above) from because it makes me uncomfortable. I consider James Callis (Baltar, seated and wailing in the photo) to be an excellent actor, and his performance in the episode preview following last week's show really wigged me out. He is very evocative, and my imagination ran wild imagining what the Cylons must be doing to him to make him respond that way when being tortured. I never particularly enjoyed (or watched) Xena: Warrior Princess, but I think Lucy Lawless has made a great addition to the cast. She doesn't physically or emotionally resemble the character of Xena at all. I think that's a good thing because I can't see a Xena-type character working very well on Galactica.

I'm especially curious where the writers are ultimately going with the series and with the search for Earth. Normally, I'd think this search and its eventual conclusion would run the high risk of being cliched and overdone, but not on this show. What surprises do they have in store for us?

Several sources on the internet this week have assumed that the foreign device the Cylons found last week originated from Earth. I may need to watch that episode again because I didn't really see evidence of that other than it being an unknown object (which wouldn't necessarily point to Earth). I guess we'll see.

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