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Monday, November 20, 2006

Galactica Recap: Hero

Note: Spoilers below if you have not seen this episode.

Battlestar Galactica continues to produce excellent episodes week in and week out. This week's installment, Hero, led the series in an unexpected direction: backward.

Guess who helped start the Cylon ambush on the 12 colonies? That's right: Admiral Adama. We've been allowed to believe for two-plus years that the Cylons' return and resulting annihilation of the colonies were completely unexpected. Apparently not, as this episode reveals that the military leadership for the colonies, known as the Admiralty, suspected that the Cylons might be regrouping prior to their attack.

I had two reactions to this discovery. The first was, "Wow, that makes me look at so much of the story differently." The second was a feeling that this revelation was a little clumsy. I'm willing to forgive a lot on this series because it is so excellent nearly all the time, but I couldn't completely shake the feeling that this was a recent addition to Adama's past, not something that the writers have hidden from us all along. Lt. Novacek's arrival seems a little too perfectly timed to me, even knowing that the Cylons let him escape.

I still generally like this plot development, but I wish it could have been introduced more gradually. Wouldn't one of Adama's first responses after the attack have been to feel remorse at not doing more before the Cylons arrived to destroy civilization? Still, this new piece of knowledge makes Adama's miniseries speech that much more powerful: “The time comes when you can't run from the things you've done.”

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