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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lost: The Cost of Living

It looks like we'll see where John Locke is headed on his search for Jack, Kate and Sawyer tonight. There's been so much--and so little, as a result--going on so far this season that I'm really hoping we get some substance tonight. Don't get me wrong: I still love all the mystery and confusion, but I do think we aren't seeing enough of events as they develop. The core group of passengers still on the beach are behaving awfully normally for a bunch of people exposed to the hatch meltdown just a few days earlier, and it's gotten a little dull. I realize that the producers want to keep the Others and our heroes separate for as long as they can this season, but the ones still at "home" need something to do. Playing golf and watching Desmond wig out aren't enough, in my opinion.

The impressions I get from ABC's previews are that the show is headed for a suspenseful conclusion prior to its upcoming mid-season break after next week's episode. I sure hope so, but I sure hope we get some answers in the meantime.

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