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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Respectfully clarifying

Lipscomb University theologian Lee Camp has clarified his remarks that were cited in yesterday's Tennessean article, which apparently were taken out of context. I stand by what I said yesterday that respect, honesty and humility need to go hand-in-hand in any dialogue between people with different or opposing viewpoints. Professor Camp appears to agree, and I appreciate what he had to say. I would like to see more Christians share his opinion on loving neighbors, even ones half a world away:

"The dialogue prior to my lecture had been most encouraging and refreshing: Numerous speakers had insisted that Jews, Muslims and Christians must not pretend that our differences are insignificant. Moreover, we can acknowledge the seriousness of the differences, while honoring one another...

I believe and profess "Jesus is Lord," and am compelled by Jesus' Lordship to share this Good News world-wide. But if such sharing treats others in a way contrary to the teachings of Jesus, I have thereby denied my profession. I choose not only to proclaim that "Jesus is Lord," but to live Jesus as Lord, among all — believer or unbeliever, Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew."
The Tennessean has posted a follow-up story this morning. The paper appeared to represent a summary of the evening's discussion as Camp's personal views in yesterday's edition, and I'm glad they responded to Camp's efforts to clarify his position.

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