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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim found dead

CNN reports that CNET executive James Kim has been found dead in the Oregon wilderness. This sounds like a horrible ordeal for the whole family and particularly for their two young daughters.

After leaving Portland on Interstate 5, search leaders said, the couple missed a turnoff that leads to the coast and took a wrong turn on a twisty mountain road they chose as an alternative. Authorities have said the couple fed their daughters baby food and crackers and used snow as water as they waited for help.

Kati Kim's mother, Sandy Fleming, told CNN that her daughter, who had been breast-feeding the younger child, breast-fed both the children after their food ran out. The adults also ate berries, police said. They used their car heater until they ran out of gas then burned tires to stay warm and attract attention.

My thoughts and sympathy go out to all of them.

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