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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great riddance

I'm relieved by the State Senate's decision today to replace John Wilder as Lt. Governor. I applaud Senator Rosalind Kurita for following her conscience, as she explained, in voting for Sen. Ron Ramsey for speaker. Whether there were the usual machinations behind the scenes to bring about this result, I have no idea, but this is a good change for the state. In my opinion, voting against her party, regardless of other political implications, was the right thing to do.

Reportedly Sen. Jerry Cooper voted for Wilder, but not before privately urging him to step down as speaker. I would have liked to see him vote against Wilder, but I still respect his direct request of the former speaker. I like the sound of that last phrase.

It is a sad situation that Sen. Mike Williams, who many thought might be the deciding vote, likely made his decision only after seeing Kurita vote against Wilder. With Wilder unable to get the required 17 votes regardless of what Williams did, Williams did the politically expedient thing and voted with his party rather than for Wilder. If the speaker election were a secret ballot announced only after the counting instead of a public roll call vote, Wilder's tenure as speaker may have ended a long time ago. That's a shame.


Creative Liberty said...

Is this a new blog Sir? Welcome to the bloggosphere. I just caught your 2 cents over at Nashville is Talking. Hope you are well and what about that iPhone?

Rob Robinson said...

Thanks, Stephen. Oh, about six months or so. Glad you found me!

That iPhone is something else. Wow.

Creative Liberty said...

Did you know Brittney at News 2 quoted us in her blogg report. Go over to my site or to Nashville Is Talking to check it out. Great blogging...even if I am just now finding it.

Rob Robinson said...

Yep. I saw us both. Carrie thinks we're famous now. :)