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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Keep riding the old cycle, too

I'm glad to see that newspapers still have some life left in them:

A recent survey by the University of Southern California's Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center and Ketchum found that consumers still depend heavily on newspapers and TV news for information, with nearly 70 percent relying on their local newspapers.
The survey seems to confirm what I've long observed. People today are swimming in a sea of media. Newspapers aren't going away, they're just not alone anymore in an increasingly crowded ocean.

This "crowded ocean" is a good description for the evolution of media I wrote about earlier this week. I'm also encouraged to see that the survey indicated that young people are in fact newspaper readers, despite the common perception that recent generations don't read the paper:

More than half of adults 18 to 24 read local newspapers, the survey shows, with 16.4 percent reading a national newspaper or newspapers. Young adults are the most well rounded in their media habits, making significant use of all types of new and traditional media.
There are disadvantages to having more media options, including feeling overloaded by content, but I for one am happy to have more choices than ever for news sources. Thanks to Brittney for spying this information.

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