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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This goal shouldn't have counted...

... but I'm sure glad it did. Did anyone else notice how much the Preds' Martin Erat was offside before he assisted on David Legwand's goal in the second period tonight? The Preds went on to beat the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 in overtime, but I could tell watching in real time that Erat was either much faster than everyone on the ice or past the blue line before the puck. I didn't hear Pete and Terry point out the missed call, but maybe they were just being nice.

The DVR didn't lie: Erat was easily five feet ahead of the puck into the zone. I think the ref must have missed the offsides call because he was busy avoiding the puck. His head was turned away from Erat, and by the time he recovered Erat and the puck were even.

I'm happy the Preds won against the NHL's current best team, but these two points should come with an asterisk attached. Regardless, go Preds!!

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