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Friday, January 12, 2007

Where on the Web is Karl Dean?

I can't find a Web site for Karl Dean, a candidate to be Nashville's mayor in 2007. Dean announced his candidacy on December 19, nearly a month ago, and appears to be the only major mayoral candidate who does not have a campaign presence on the Web.

According to many, Dean's base is young and/or wealthy progressives in West Nashville. I think Dean may be a very strong candidate for mayor, and I know that his base spends a lot of time on the Internet. Where are you, Karl?

I promise I'm not looking for podcasts and streaming video, just a basic Web site with background information, platform details and a photo or two. While we're on the subject, David Briley, who is likely Dean's biggest challenger for the progressive vote, has an innovative and attractive Web site. I won't vote for him merely because of a Web site, but at least I know where to find him when I need him. Here's where you can find the other candidates on the net:

Dave Pelton, who just announced his creative and engaging plans to run through 36 of Nashville's neighborhoods beginning tomorrow morning, isn't quite as creative and engaging on the Web. Dave, please give us some new content and post your news releases.

If I've missed anyone, including you, Karl, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Someone registered on December 9th, I bet it was him.

jim said...

Karl Dean's new website is The site gives you access to information about Dean's campaign, but most of the site is still under construction.