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Monday, October 16, 2006

Convention Center

There's a rally taking place this evening (now indoors because of rain) in support of a new convention center for Nashville. I'm planning to attend because my company has been involved in the effort, but I also personally support the idea.

I support it because I think our current facilities are outdated and undersized compared with our peer cities and because the bulk of the funding needed to build the new center will be paid for by those who use the facility (hotel guests and area businesses). I believe that Nashville has done a good job of developing a healthy business climate that attracts business and corporate relocations, and I think this kind of growth and progress is important to maintain. (I do think we need to do more to support public education in Davidson County, and I would like to see that done as well.) I am optimistic that many local residents see the need for a new convention center and that it will ultimately become a reality downtown.

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