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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Preds getting better

The Preds topped the Islanders last night 2-1 in a shootout, and I'll gladly take the two points. I watched most of the game, and I do think the team is headed back in the right direction. I think Mike Dunham and Tomas Vokoun played excellent games in goal. On defense, the Preds did look better, though they still need to make smart plays clearing the zone and to be ready for quick transitions when they turn over the puck. This portion of today's Tennessean story sums it up well:

"I was not overly excited about our game,'' Sullivan said. "We're getting there, but we're just trying to find that proper balance between offense and defense.''

One area in which the Predators have made strides is in limiting the opposition's odd-man rushes. And when the Predators have broken down defensively, they're now getting top-quality goaltending from Tomas Vokoun.
Vokoun has looked very sharp during the last two games, in my opinion. If the Preds can continue to shore up their defense, they will be able to continue their winning streak. I am encouraged to see them win on a night when they did not dominate their opponent. That ability played a major role in the team's success last year, and hopefully it will again this time around. I'm also happy to see one of our leaders (Sullivan) not being content with earning the win and looking for ways to improve.

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