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Friday, October 20, 2006

Demonbreun Street bridge

I am very happy to hear that the Demonbreun Street bridge is officially re-opening to the public on Wednesday (Oct. 25). Eastbound connector roads into downtown Nashville are a funny thing, in my opinion. Broadway attracts major traffic and is by far the pipeline of choice for most commuters, from what I can tell. Church Street, which I consider far easier to navigate, generates significantly less traffic most weekdays, but that has changed somewhat now that it is a two-way street from First Avenue all the way to I-40. Charlotte probably ranks second to Church in terms of traffic, but even it is much easier to travel than Broadway most of the time (and certainly right now since Broadway is currently under construction).

I've found that it is easier to enter and exit downtown whenever you can avoid Broadway. I did not typically travel on Demonbreun every day prior to the bridge's closure in July 2004, but I sure found it to be a handy shortcut when I needed it. It's nice to know that another route will once again be available coming to and from downtown.

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