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Friday, October 27, 2006

Galactica Friday: Collaborators

Tonight's episode, Collaborators, looks to be intense based on this brief description and on the preview scenes. I am really curious to see where Galactica heads from here. The writers have finished the New Caprica storyline, as far as we can tell, and they've sent the Colonials back into space (where they belong, if you ask me). Tonight's episode looks like it will focus on the aftermath of the settlement and the Cylon occupation as humanity begins picking up the pieces of a catastrophic 16-month existence.

I am hoping to see more of the painful consequences of everything that has been taking place. No, I'm not a sadist, but I do appreciate the realism that the writers incorporate in the stories they tell. (Yes, I just argued for realism on a show where robots are chasing people around outer space, but if you watch the show, I think you probably understand what I mean.) The current scenario on the series would rank as one of, if not the, greatest tragedy to befall humanity if it were true, and there needs to be fallout from that kind of turmoil. I feel confident that no one on the series will be the same after all of this, and that there won't be a sense that this segment of the storyline never happened. We'll see for sure in a few hours.

I'm also curious to see where the Cylons go from here, whether Baltar stays with them and, most importantly, if we get to see any of it.

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