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Friday, October 27, 2006

The report on Colbert

I've been meaning to look up Stephen Colbert in Wikipedia ever since he began encouraging viewers to vandalize the well-known collaborative encyclopedia.

I finally did so just now, and it was worth it. First of all, there are two entries: one for the real-life actor Stephen Colbert, and one for his pundit characterization that is the star of the Colbert Report. I spent most of my time on the latter, and it is a good read.

Did you know that Colbert's real middle name is Tyrone? Or that he has a pet goldfish named Anthrax? Trust me, it's worth the visit.

I was sad to learn from this Toronto Star article that Stephen's push to have a bridge in Hungary named after him did fail, though it appears he was cheated out of his victory. At least he has a hockey mascot named after him:

Lately Colbert has been dispatching his followers "on a rampage of merry mischief," including "bombing the website of a junior-league hockey team holding a name-our-mascot campaign (the team's mascot is now Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle)" and "hijacking an online poll posted by Hungary's Economic Ministry to name a new bridge over the Danube the Stephen Colbert Bridge (he topped the poll, but Hungary disqualified him because he's not dead)."


Mary said...

Nashville has it's own Colbeagle.

Rob Robinson said...

Thanks for the heads up, Mary. That's definitely worth another post! :)