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Monday, November 06, 2006

Galactica: Torn

Season three of Battlestar Galactica is getting better as it continues, if you ask me. The current episode, Torn, is my favorite so far this season. I'll be honest that I prefer Galactica when it's out in space, though I appreciate the creativity and audacity of the New Caprica storyline. Here's what stood out to me in Torn:

  • Sometimes timing on Galactica is a bit too perfect. To think that the Cylons and the Colonials came upon the same nebula that points toward Earth near the same time is probably a stretch, but I still like where the episode headed. My larger grief with this kind of coincidence still lies with season two, when Starbuck conveniently returns to Kobol from Caprica during the same time that Colonials happen to be present to pick her up.
  • I love the glimpses we're seeing of the Basestar. They're not showing it all at once, and they're teasing us just enough to make us want to see more. Even though the sets have a sci-fi look to them, I still found a freshness in them that didn't seem too cliched. The bridge, in particular, was intriguing. One question, though: Why does this Basestar seem to look so different from the one in Kobol's Last Gleaming in season one? Are we seeing a different level aboard the ship?
  • Bravo to Adama for calling out Starbuck and Tigh. They've been through a lot, but I guess I just don't understand blaming your liberators for your pain. It was good to see Kara seek out redemption later in the episode. I love Michael Hogan's portrayal of Tigh, and I hope his spiral continues only because Hogan makes it so ugly (in a good way).
  • I'm very curious to see where Baltar is headed, literally and figuratively. He better not be a Cylon. That would spoil a lot of the appeal of his conflicted character for me. It would also make his semi-witting collaboration with Six in the miniseries less dramatic.

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