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Thursday, November 23, 2006

This looks like fun

What is it? According to CNET News, it's a boat designed to move like a dolphin. Innespace Productions, the manufacturer, describes the craft as the only submersible that does not take in water to keep itself below the surface. They claim the experience of riding in the boat is akin to "underwater flight" and that the unique design allows for incredibly dynamic motion. Whatever it does, the FAQ has more details, and it sure sounds cool, even if you can't buy one.

1 comment:

BionicDolphin said...

The Innespace Productions "Sea Breacher" Time magazine's best inventions for 2006 ??? RIPOFF!!!
The lack of standards or the apparent lack of requirements that “reporters” actually do any investigation into the facts on their stories, has sunk to an all-time low.
In the world of search engines, all these so-called “reporters” do is to ‘google’ a term and copy what has been written before, never bothering to verify the validity of the article that they are plagiarizing. In the case of an article on, a reporter, Mark Richards did a story on the “Best Inventions 2006”, in it he listed the Innespace “Sea Breacher” and listed the Inventors as Rob Innes and Dan Piazza, who had no involvement in the “invention” of the Bionic Dolphin™
Rob and Dan were students of the inventor, Thomas Rowe. They did no “inventing” or “innovating”, they merely took the design of Tom’s multi-seat vehicle, created in 1989 and began to copy it. While the story does acknowledge that the craft was “modeled” after the NolandWon, Tom’s first prototype, it incorrectly lists the pair as “Inventors”.
The resurgence of interest in articles concerning the Bionic Dolphin™ was sparked by the appearance of the two-seat “NolandToo” at the 2006 Wired Magazine’s NextFest in New York, during the last week in September. Wired Magazine terminated it’s relationship with Innespace in 2006, in favor of showcasing the true Inventor, Tom Rowe, and was an outstanding feature exhibition at "The most comprehensive Conference and Exhibition for Ocean Engineering, Science and Technology",  The Marine Technology Society's OCEANS '06 MTS/IEEE - at the Boston Hynes Convention Center, September 18-21, 2006.
While TIME and CNN are two entities residing under the same corporate umbrella, CNN has been able to print three correct stories (see below) about the origin and current state of the Bionic Dolphin™ / VASH technology, how and why would their sister organization, TIME print the inaccuracies that were included in their story? 
We regularly receive requests for high resolution pictures to go with a story that someone has written for a particular website or magazine, for which we have never heard of or given an interview to. How is it that they could have written an article without EVER having spoken to the inventor? The unfortunate answer is that they surf the web for things previously written, change them slightly and ignore the old standards of verifying the facts in the hopes that no one will notice and that they will get their story in on time.
Noland Corporation, TARCO Research and are currently the ONLY legitimate, authorized contacts for the patented VASH, Bionic Dolphin™ (submersible dolphin, dolphin watercraft) technology. No licensing has been granted for entertainment, exhibitions, rides, racing, manufacturing or distribution at this point. Any claims to the contrary by Innespace productions or any other entity other than those mentioned above must be considered false and misleading.